Sofilantjes Summer Surprise top

To everyone who doesn’t read Dutch: After a short Dutch introduction, this blog will continue in English. Make sure to read to the end of this post so you won’t miss the info about special discount prices for this pattern and links to the other blogs and give aways in this blogtour! Hang in there! (Giveaways are closed)

Een poosje geleden zag ik in de Facebookgroep Naaikrans 2.0 een oproepje voor een zogenaamde “Blogtour”.

Sofilantjes, een webshop met zelf ontworpen PDF-patronen, bestaat één jaar en om dat te vieren mochten naaisters van overal ter wereld het allereerste patroon van Sofilantjes maken. De Summer surprise top/tuniek/jurk: een ogenschijnlijk eenvoudig model maar met een surprise op de rug 🙂 Je mocht helemaal los gaan op het patroon, het veranderen naar wens óf het in zijn originele vorm maken. Een week lang verschijnen er elke dag nieuwe blogs met de verschillende creaties. Ik heb me op goed geluk ingeschreven en samen met 24 andere dames werd ik uitgekozen. Ik mocht deze maandag meteen het spits afbijten. Ontzettend leuk!

Omdat het dus nogal een internationaal gebeuren is, en ik geen zin heb om een blog in twee talen te schrijven, is de rest van dit verhaal in het Engels 🙂 Helemaal aan het einde van dit bericht staat nog wat Nederlandse informatie over korting op het patroon, mocht je het zelf willen aanschaffen. Ook staan daar de links naar de andere blogs in deze blogtour en naar een paar erg leuke winacties die aan de tour zijn verbonden. Zoek naar de schuin gedrukte tekst! (Winacties zijn gesloten)

So I was chosen to participate in the Sofilantjes blogtour. Fun and exciting!

For the tour I received a copy of the Summer Surprise pattern. I ran into a few problems even before I started… This pattern, like all of Sofilantjes’ patterns, is a PDF pattern. This means you print it yourself and then tape the A4 pages together to get a full pattern. Printing… right… The husband tried to revive our printer but… nothing. So make sure you have a working printer.
We eventually printed the pattern at DH’s work but, while taping the pages together, they didn’t match up exactly. This happened to me before when using PDF patterns. I don’t know why. My scaling is right, printer settings are right, and the check box is the right size. Maybe I need glasses 😉

Anyway, because the outline of the pattern is fairly straight forward I could draw the missing line myself and I got the right pattern.

FYI: Sofilantjes has re-released the pattern in an updated format! The pattern pieces are now available in a layered format which allows you to print only the size you need. Also the instructions are in a new format. If you already have the pattern and bought it directly from the Sofilantjes webshop, the new format can be downloaded from your account. If you bought it on Etsy, won the pattern or tested it you can e-mail to The subject needs to be summer surprise and you need to e-mail a proof of payment or copy of Sofilantjes e-mail. The pattern itself did not change. Just the format.

I dind’t have a hard time choosing the fabric for this garment. I just LOVE flamingo’s. To me they are a symbol of sunny beaches, tropical holidays and summer fun. Flamingo’s are a BIG fashion trend this season. There are flamingo’s in every store. I must have known that when I sewed Fenna’s and my flamingo dresses last year 😉 I have another two yards of that cotton fabric but for the Summer Surprise I needed a knit fabric.
I saw these cute and funny flamingo’s at Rijs Textiles a while ago but was wise and didn’t buy them because I already have a ridiculous amount of fabrics. Really. 
But no better excuse than this blogtour to buy some new fabrics. As if I ever needed an excuse…

So I was excited about the fabric, in my favourite colors: minty aqua and pink, until she posted a teaser picture of her Summer Surprise in the Summer Surprise Facebook group… IN THE EXACT SAME FABRIC! Bummer… I seriously considered changing the whole thing, I even cut a second top in another fabric. But after the initial dissapointment about the fabric I realized that my take on the pattern was going to look completely different than the other garment in the same fabric. You’ll see when you read the When Circle Meets Line blog next Tuesday 😉  Also, there just wasn’t enough time to sew a second top as I had to finish two birthday presents and two teacher presents in one week. I know… time management just isn’t my best feature 😉

I instantly knew what I was going to do with the pattern. It was going to be a top with a waistband, to make it a bit ‘tougher’ for my girl and to be able to combine it with a skirt or a cute pair of shorts. The Summer Surprise pattern comes in normal and skinny sizes. For Fenna, who is five and a half, I drew a skinny size 7 top and shortened it quite a bit because of the waistband I was going to add. Eventually it turned out just a little bit too short. Maybe next time I should measure before I cut 😀

Still great for playing and lazy sunny afternoons!

I’m not crazy about the fit on Fenna. I’m not sure if it’s my sewing, the model wearing the top or the pattern but I think the front neckline is a bit too high. I added shoulder pieces which dropped the neckline and also added some lenght to the top but still it seems a bit high to me. Also, because of the shoulder pieces now the armholes are wider than they should be.

I also think the back is a bit wide. I noticed that in a few of the other designs the back of the shirt is not laying flat agains the back of the body either. I tried to fix it by making the same plead as there is on the front side.

If I would have had time to make a test version this final version would have been perfect, but that just means I know what to change next time I make a Summer Surprise top or dress! 😉

Then for the back bow… In all honesty I must confess that I had my doubts about the bow. I just didn’t see it on Fenna. I was considering replacing it by crossed straps but in the end I decided to stick to the bow anyway and I think it looks cute! Fenna likes it too 🙂

This pattern comes with very clear instructions. Unfortunately I didn’t *rtfm* 😉 and forgot to copy some of the markings on the pattern to my pattern pieces. This caused me to rely on my terrible Jedi sewing senses while deciding where to place the bow. I think it ended up a bit lower than the pattern intents but it still looks okay doesn’t it?

My model prefers to stay incognito 😉

I said I wanted to make it into a top to make it a versatile garment that combines well with shorts and skirts. I had a lot of fabric left over so I made a Liv Skirt to go with it. Liv is also a Sofilantjes pattern and it’s free! Available in Dutch and English. It’s very easy to sew and ready in about an hour. For Fenna I went with a size 7-8 but she could have easily fit in a size 5-6 because this one is too wide and I shortened it quite a bit. I love it though and am definately sewing her up one or more in different fabrics!

Together, the top and skirt make a cute set. And by themselves they are great to combine with other pieces of clothing 🙂

    Patterns: Sofilantjes
Fabrics: Rijs Textiles
Shorts: V&D
T-shirt: C&A
Accessoires: Zeeman, Kruidvat

Wil je zelf ook een Summer Surprise top, tuniek of jurk maken? Het patroon is nu met 25% korting te koop in de webshop van Sofilantjes. Gebruik bij het afrekenen de code “Anniversary”.
Daarnaast zijn er héél veel sponsors die deze tour ondersteunen (Klik op de foto voor een groter formaat) en zij geven deze week allemaal patronen en ander leuks weg 🙂

Wil je kans maken op leuke prijzen? Onderstaande blogs/webwinkels hebben leuke acties gedurende deze blogtour. Kijk elke dag op Sprouting JubeJube voor de Summer Surprise blogs én de giveaways van de dag! Aanvang van de give aways ed. is 9:00 am SET en 15:00 CET op maandag 25 mei.
Ik zet de links naar de blogs en giveaways deze week ook elke dag op mijn Facebookpagina.

Would you like to make your own Summer Surprise top, tunic or dress? The pattern is now for sale with a 25% discount. Use the code “Anniversary”.

And look at all the sponsors of this blogtour (click picture for bigger format). They have great giveaways all week. Check Sprouting JubeJube every day for the Summer Surprise blogs and the givaway of the day! Starting 9:00am SET / 15:00 CET on Monday May 25th.
I will also post a link to the blogs and giveaways on my Facebook page every day during this blogtour.

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  1. sofilantjes zegt:

    Leuke combinaties heb je gemaakt hoor. En dat stofje is zo lekker zomers. Hopelijk heb je met het nieuwe patroon geen moeite meer met printen.
    Bedankt voor het medoen.

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